Company History

CRESCENT DESIGNS, one of the Leading Building Contracting and Property Development Companies in Tamilnadu is the brainchild of Er. C. Bhaskhar. Since its inception way back in 1900, the company has been focused on establishing world-class benchmarks of engineering excellence, robust process mechanism, stringent adherence to quality processes and absolute customer satisfaction by delivering value. True to its commitment, Crescent Designs has evolved into a 'trustworthy' and 'up-market' builder.

Crescent Designs' signature style and quality-focus are evident in scores of commercial complexes, residential apartments, shopping malls, hospitals, luxurious apartments, industrial buildings, educational institutions and offices built over the years. Every project stands a tall testimony to the company's unflinching devotion to quality and attention to details.

The company has to its credit of completing over 500 projects successfully, which, not many companies can boast of. It may not be possible without the support of its efficient team and absolute trust of its customers. The company has to its credit of having an efficient bunch of engineers, architects and design consultants who ensure every project takes the right shape from the very beginning. Crescent follows the best practices of the International Construction World and ensures its customers get the best value for money.

Being a customer-focused company, Crescent Designs aligns its work in accordance with the needs, preferences and changing requirements of its customers. No wonder, Crescent Designs becoming the fastest growing Property Development companies in India.

Headquartered in Salem, Crescent Designs operates through its various branches in Coimbatore, Hosur, Chennai, Madurai and Bangalore to cater to the needs of people.

Our Mission

We provide value added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. Our Mission is to establish lasting relationship with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.

Our Vision & Values

  • Ethical business practices
  • Collaborative and creative work environment
  • Caring culture towards employees and society
  • To be a responsible corporate body by committing to enhance.
  • To provide a climate of transparency, mutuality.
  • To maximize stakeholder value through continuous adoption.

Chairman’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Crescent Designs and take pride in being a change agent in my own humble way in transforming the landscape our beloved country and create better living and working conditions for my fellow citizens through my company. The journey so far has been really exciting. We, as a company have made sufficient in-roads in the Indian construction landscape and carved a niche for ourselves as a competent, trustworthy and efficient entity.

Though Crescent Designs is on the fast growing trajectory, we understand that we hold a tremendous responsibility to enhance our process mechanism, capability spectrum, technology absorption levels and engineering expertise to maintain our growth momentum and move into the next orbit to meet the growing demands of our existing and future customers.

We have built a lasting legacy by creating aesthetic, highly functional and sustainable living spaces. Futuristic designs, quality-inspired construction, uncompromised commitments to our customers are some of the cornerstones of our success and consistent growth.

Backed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and robust operational mechanism in place, I am confident that we are rightly poised to seize the opportunities and augment our growth at both national and international construction markets.

I take this opportunity to thank every one of our customers, employees, partners, associates and every other stakeholder at this juncture, for the unstinted support all of them have been extending in our growth journey, year after year.

We will continue our efforts with renewed commitment with the same momentum and intensity as ever.

Wishing you success!

Er.C. Bhaskhar
Chairman, Crescent Designs

Management Team

“Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible” - True to the profound words of a Zen philosopher, we, at Crescent Designs have dynamic leaders with right mix of attitude, passion, business acumen, decision-making skills and the ability to foresee developments at each of our department.

The company’s Top Management team comprises of seasoned professionals with several years of hands-on experience in the construction industry. They have been steering the company ahead successfully and helping us evolve into a leading construction company in North Tamil Nadu. We adopt a robust corporate governance policy that promotes the highest levels of transparency and accountability to all department heads, branch managers and other stakeholders. This helps us create a culture that paves way for adding responsible people to our system and thus grow from strength to strength.

We have a well-knit technical and non-technical teams consisting of Chief Engineers, Project Engineers, Senior Engineers, Site Engineers, Supervisors, Foremen, Workforce and Administrative Staff to meticulously handle projects with a clear consciousness about the costs and time involved in the completion each task.

As we move ahead, we understand the need to build on our competitive advantage to address unique customer demands and provide the qualitative response to changing market needs.

We owe our deepest gratitude and respect to the employees of Crescent Designs, who are the real champions of the company. Without their hard work and commitment, we wouldn't have achieved the kind of growth that many others could only dream. Being a value-driven company, we are fortunate a team of high quality people who are firmly rooted in our values and strive to take it to greater heights.


We, at Crescent Designs breathe quality. Every aspect of our operations runs on a perfectly structured quality framework. We have set highest standards of quality benchmarking and make conscious efforts to achieve it every time. We have a well-documented approach to quality management and are committed to improving the effectiveness of the system at every touch point continually to remain a quality-focused organization.

Quality Objectives

  • Deliver quality in all spheres of our activity
  • Ingrain quality consciousness to our people at all levels on a continuous basis
  • Follow a proven quality management system to control unproductive utilization of our manpower and resources
  • Deliver uncompromising quality to our customers at every opportunity

Quality Policy

  • To provide the highest customer satisfaction by providing high-quality construction and delivering the project on time every time
  • To impart globally competitive technologies & equipment to give maximum value to the customer at every stage of construction
  • To follow globally acclaimed quality procedures and best practices in construction and customer service
  • To innovate the process and services to help us remain a result-oriented organization
  • To put in place an effective preventive maintenance


Crescent Designs Pvt Ltd remains the top-of-the-mind choice for scores of customers for its strong hold on every aspect of the construction business. With a proven track record of outstanding accomplishments, the company's capability spectrum encompasses:

  • Civil Contracts
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Construction Supervision
  • Management Consultancy
  • Interiors
  • Infrastructure Developments